Dear Guests,

We are very pleased to welcome you to the Apartamenty za Regą resort in Mrzezyno. We appreciate your adherence to the following regulations, which aim to ensure a peaceful and safe stay for all our guests.

§1 Stay regulations

  1. Check-in starts at 5:00 PM on the arrival day and ends at 10:00 AM on the departure day.
  2. There is a night silence at the Center from 10 PM to 7 AM.
  3. Persons not registered at the Center may stay as guests from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
  4. The deposit of 40% of the cost is non-refundable if the guest cancels the reservation less than 60 days to the date of arrival. In case of cancellation within 60-90 days before arrival, the deposit is non-refundable, but it is possible to count the deposit towards the stay at another date.
  5. The stay payment is collected on the arrival day.
  6. A local fee will be added to the cost of the stay, the amount of which is determined by the Municipality of Trzebiatow. The aforementioned. The fee will be collected in cash on arrival.
  7. The behavior of Guests and persons using the services on the premises of the Resort should not disturb other Guests.
  8. Registered guests should only park their cars in designated areas. Parking spaces are unguarded parking, the owner of the Resort is not responsible for loss or damage to vehicles or property left in them.
  9. Apartments and hotel rooms should be locked during absence, and valuables secured. Electrical devices, except the fridge, should be turned off.
  10. Children under 12 must be supervised by legal guardians on the premises.
  11. Guests are financially responsible for any damage caused to the property due to their fault, children under their care, or visiting individuals. Immediately notify the resort staff of any defects or damage caused during the use of the apartment or hotel room.
  12. No alterations should be made to the apartments/hotel rooms and their furnishings.
  13. Apartments and hotel rooms should be left in the same condition as assigned. Leaving dirty dishes and garbage, will result in an additional fee of 200 PLN.
  14. Apartments za Regą provide services according to their category, in case of reservations and complaints about the services, the Guest is asked to report no later than one day after arrival. Complaints submitted on the departure day will not be considered.
  15. Small pets are accepted with additional regulations. * Please review the pet stay regulations.
  16. The fee for damage or loss of the door card is 30 PLN .
  17. Barbecuing is allowed only in designated areas.
  18. Bicycles should be left exclusively in the BIKE ROOM. Bringing bicycles into residential buildings is strictly prohibited, and non-compliance may result in a fine of 700 PLN. Bicycles should be locked with bicycle padlocks or otherwise secured against theft, at the owner’s risk.
  19. Smoking of cigarettes and e-cigarettes is strictly prohibited in the apartments and hotel rooms, failure to comply with the ban will result in a fee of 500 PLN.
  20. The owner of the Resort reserves the right to require guests who do not comply with the Rules and Regulations – especially those who blatantly interfere with the rest of other neighbors – to leave the premises of the Resort.
  21. The resort’s rules and regulations for staying with pets can be found on the website and at the resort’s reception.
  22. Signing the registration card is equivalent to accepting the conditions of the regulations.

§2 Regulations for stays with pets

  1. Each Guest, before the start of the stay, is obliged to provide the Resort Reception with information about the planned stay with a pet.
  2. The cost of a pet’s stay is 50 PLN/day. Guide dogs accompanying blind persons are exempt from the fee.
  3. Only healthy pets with up-to-date health records, including vaccinations against rabies and deworming, are accepted (it is necessary to show the records at the Reception during check-in).
  4. Bringing a pet to the center implies that it is healthy and does not pose a threat to others.
  5. Pets can stay only in the room/apartment where their owner is registered. The pet should not be left alone if it disturbs other guests’ peace.
  6. Owners must provide their pets with their sleeping place (crate, container, carrier, etc.).
  7. Owners are responsible for their pets’ behavior, ensuring it doesn’t disturb other guests. In case of repeated complaints, the center reserves the right to request the removal of the pet.
  8. Pets must be walked on a leash, and if necessary, a muzzle must be used due to the animal’s nature or behavior.
  9. For physiological needs, dogs must be taken outside the center’s premises. Owners must clean up after their pets.
  10. It is unacceptable to use towels and bed linen for the needs of animals and to take care of physiological needs in the room.
  11. Allowing pets in the restaurant, café, playground, or playroom is strictly prohibited.
  12. Owners are fully responsible for any damage caused by their pets during the stay, including material and immaterial harm to other guests, center staff, and other animals temporarily or permanently residing on the premises.
  13. The owner of the animal bears full financial responsibility for any damage to the property of the Resort and private property of other Guests caused by the animal. The owner is obliged to pay for damages and harm caused by the animal before leaving the Center. For this purpose, the Manager will draw up a damage report with its valuation.
  14. All losses caused by the animal its owner is obliged to report at the Reception.
  15. For safety reasons, cleaning of apartments with pets is only done in the owner’s presence or when the pet is not in the room. Please contact the Reception to schedule a convenient time.
  16. We do not accept dogs considered aggressive or dangerous (American pit bull terrier, rottweiler, Argentine dog, American bulldog, Canary dog, Caucasian sheepdog, Moscow guard dog, Mallorca dog, tosainu, Akbash dog, Anatolian Karabakh).
  17. The center reserves the right to refuse entry to a pet that does not meet the regulation conditions.

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